Who We Are

We are a small business located within the heart of the Triangle. With over two decades combined landscaping experience and hands-on sustainability training, we strive to create garden-scapes that both our clients and the pollinators love.

What is ‘Bioscaping’, anyway?

The term simply represents what we offer – landscaping and garden-building with the health of the soil, pollinator friends, and wildlife in mind.

spider on water garden plant

Much like agriculture, conventional landscaping tends to take a toll on the earth. Harsh practices like tilling and applying chemical pesticides/fertilizers disrupt precious ecosystems and endanger all kinds of lives. Many seeds these days are treated with neonicotinoids that kill our much-needed pollinators. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that a few simple changes in practice can turn the whole mess around.

calendula and fennel

Our goal is to improve lives – of the people we work with, the microorganisms in the soil, and the animals/insects that depend on a healthy earth to survive. What we offer is diverse: we can work with you to build the yard of your dreams, or set up a personal workshop to show you how to make medicine from your own backyard. Contact us today to learn more!